Tony Romo Injury Report

Tony Romo Crying

Tony Romo Injured and Out for 2013-2014 Season With Back Problems

Quarterback Tony Romo was recently injured in the Cowboys’ victory over the Washington Redskins. Though the team managed to pull out a 24-23 victory, it did come at a fairly significant cost. Romo appears to have re-injured his back, which had been bugging him for some time now. It has been determined that Romo will have to sit out during the game against the Philadelphia Eagles next weekend. This is a major match up for these division rivals, because it will decide who heads to the playoffs. Many are expecting this to be a hard fought game, since so much will be on the line. Fans may want to buy Dallas Cowboys tickets to show their support for this team during the game itself.

Though the season did not shape up to the expectations, the Cowboys team did show some signs of improvement as the season progressed. No one knows how the team will perform when Tony Romo sits out due to this injury. Many people will be interested in finding out more information about the different types of discussion points that are being brought up by fans. The Cowboys team has struggled down the stretch in many of the past few years. This has prevented a few of these teams from reaching the playoffs, which has been a disappointment for many people.

Next week, the Cowboys will welcome the Eagles in to their home stadium for the final game of the regular season. It does appear that Romo will be out with this injury for some time, so that may further dampen the Cowboys’ playoff hopes. Even if they defeat the Eagles without Romo, they will need to face down some very talented teams during the playoffs this year. Still, many fans will want to buy Cowboys tickets to show the organization that they are still loyal to the team.