Chad Johnson Makes Comeback

Boston Goalie Chad Johnson Starts This Week

Backup goalie Chad Johnson got his Bruins career started on a high note as Boston defeated the Sabres 5-2. This was the 27 year old’s first start with the team, and he proved to be more than capable to fill the bill. Some were wondering if the goalie would get to see any minutes behind started Tuukka Rask, but the opportunity presented itself during this game. Coach Claude Julien noted that Johnson performed well and would be looking forward to seeing what else he could do for them team. This also has many fans speculating whether to buy Bruins tickets in order to catch a game with the new goalie starting for their team.

Is The Team Ready?

The Bruins will have a fairly relaxed schedule for the next few games after a tough match up against San Jose, but Johnson will still need to be prepared. It will be important for them to think about whether he will continue to start for the long term, which may depend on his performance. Johnson had only logged 10 games throughout his career in the NHL so far, including a stint with the Rangers. He did post some impressive numbers during that time, including one shut out game. Many hope that he will continue to have success with the Bruins over the next stretch of games.

Bruins Competing for Number 1 Position in the East

So far, the Bruins have gotten off to an impressive start this season. They have started 6-2 and are competing for the top spot in the East. They will be taking on the San Jose Sharks for the next game, who are currently undefeated. The Bruins are actually undefeated on the road, which has contributed to their winning record. There are some that are speculating that they may be gearing up to push for the title this season, but only time will tell if they have the talent for that.